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Science Center Fox Camera

Our wild fox family has moved into their den on the Science Center property and this year we have added a webcam so you can follow them LIVE. This is the third year that these foxes have raised a family here. In 2016 they raised five kits, in 2017 she started with seven. This year she has nine . . . STOP PRESS: on April 20, we counted 11. We are astonished that apparently one single mom fox is raising all these kits. It is possible that two females are provisioning the kits, but even with 24/7 filming we have not seen any evidence of more than one adult.

In addition to stunning HD and 25x optical zoom, this camera has infrared night vision as well so you can watch the action through the night too.

We can control the camera orientation and zoom remotely so when staff are in the office we will try to keep the camera focused on the action. During the night when no one is here, the camera will cover the general area. There is a lot of activity at night and the kits are often playing well before dawn. Also, listen out for American Woodcock displaying in the meadow at dusk and dawn.

To optimize your viewing, mouse-over the lower right corner of the video and click on the double arrow to maximize the screen view. Tell us about your observations.

Fox highlights: