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Nature Matters Capital Campaign

Nature Matters Capital Campaign

The Campaign for Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

We did it!
We are delighted to report that thanks to your incredible generosity we hit our $4 million goal in cash and pledges in May 2015. Thank you for embracing the vision and supporting the campaign – we could not have done it without you.Whether your gift was small or large it was important in helping us achieve our dream. Nature Matters and we very much appreciate your support!

View the Nature Matters Final Report.

The Board of Trustees launched the Nature Matters Capital Campaign to build four new exhibits and strengthen its financial foundation through expanded marketing and additions to reserve funds. Components included:

Wood Energy Exhibit Wood Energy Exhibit - A model of sustainability: saving energy and dollars. Using sustainably-harvested, locally-sourced wood, it heats five major buildings, including the new Water Matters Pavilion.
Completed in 2014 at a cost of $480,000.
Gordon Interactive Playscape Overview image

Gordon Interactive Playscape

Naturalist Eric D'Aleo and Facilities Supervisor Dean Smith took the lead on designing the Playscape. They searched far and wide to find the best ideas for the many interactive components. Children are able to play the role of a red squirrel facing natural hazards as they explore. Components include climbing rocks and logs, a bird feeder to reach, a car to avoid, a bird nest to explore, tunnels to hide in, and slides to escape predators. The Playscape opened to the public July 1, 2015, and has received rave reviews.
Opened July 1, 2015.

Nature Matters: Water Matters Pavilion Interior

Nature Matters: Water Matters Pavilion Deck

Water Matters Pavilion - UPDATE

The new Water Matters building is complete and it looks spectacular. Staff members are busy with exhibit construction and installation. It is really exciting to see the vision coming together. Fabrication continues and we hope to have 90% of the exhibits finished by this winter 2015-16.
Opening is planned for May 1, 2016.

Nature Matters: Raptor Mews

Raptor Mews*

The Mews provide housing for the program collection of more than a dozen hawks, owls, and falcons. It replaced an aging winter bird quarters and stockade. Land clearing began in 2015 with several pine trees removed from the site. The lumber was milled and used to build the new structures. Construction began in June 2015 and completed in time for the raptors to move in November 2015. The winter quarters house the Osprey, Turkey Vultures, and Broad-winged Hawks as of November 2015 too.
Completed in 2015 at an estimated cost of $200,000.
*a falconry term for living quarters for birds of prey