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Loons on Squam Lake

Fund A Need

If you would like to underwrite the purchase or one of more of these items, please contact Janet Robertson, Development and Communications Director at 603-968-7194 x 12.

Minivan Transportation
Help the Science Center transport staff and animals to outreaches for schools and other organizations with the donation of a reliable minivan.

AED, $700
Automated External Defibrillator. You can help purchase AED's for our pontoon boats.

Library Books, $25
The Unsworth Library located in the Webster Education Building is a wonderful reference for staff, volunteers, and members. Help us keep current by adding new books.

Case of Recycled Copy Paper, $40
Staff makes the most out of paper we use by printing on both sides before the paper becomes animal bedding. Starting out with recycled paper makes it even better!

Green Cleaning Products, $25
We use various eco-friendly products that are healthy for our animals, staff, and guests!

Rechargeable Hand Vacuums, $50
Help us simplify quick touch ups of classrooms between programs, in offices, and in the gift shop.

Tables, $75
Several lightweight, plastic folding tables, 6 or 8-foot in length (easy for staff to move and set up), are needed to replace heavy wooden tables in our meeting rooms.

Tools, $100 - $200
Wheelbarrows, rakes, vacuums, and pointed shovels are needed.

Staff Radios, $150
Two-way radios enable staff and volunteers to communicate with each other no matter where they are on the property. We can never have too many of these!

Animal Enrichment Toys, $250
Boomer balls, Kongs, Krazy Klusters, Safari Balls, and Foraging Balls are all toys that will enrich the lives of our program and exhibit animals, entertaining them for hours.

Phone Bill for One Month, $275
Keep those calls coming in by sponsoring the phone bill for a month.

Member Newsletter Postage for One Issue, $350
Tracks & Trails, our member newsletter, gives members news about upcoming programs and informative and interesting articles.

iPads, $500
Education staff travel to schools and other organizations across the state to present programs and iPads or similar tablets will lessen their load and bring our technolgy up to date.

Internet Bill for One Month, $600
Keep the staff connected to the World Wide Web by sponsoring our internet bill for one month.

Staff Professional Development, $1,000
Help send our staff to conferences and professional meetings to develop new skills and keep informed.

Summer Intern Stipend, $1,250
Every summer, three college students are hired as Education Program Interns to assist with summer children's programs, animal care, volunteers, education programs, and more. One college student is hired as a Marketing Intern and helps with the communication efforts of the Science Center. This stipend is a living allowance for one Intern for 10 weeks.

Electric Bill for One Month, $1,600
Keep the lights on and the computers running for one month!

Blue Heron School Scholarship Fund, any amount
Help a child attend the Blue Heron School.

Guided Discoveries Scholarship Fund
Help a child attend a summer Guided Discovery.