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Library Membership

Make natural science a part of your summer reading program with a Natural Encounters live animal program. Introduce your readers to the world of ecology, ornithology, and biology! Some of our outreach programs are below or learn more about outreaches here:

  • 2015 Summer Reading Program: Earth Heroes
    The Peregrine Falcon was formerly on the brink of extinction. These awe-inspiring aerial hunters are once again soaring across New Hampshire's skies thanks to the passion and dedication of people we like to call Earth Heroes.
    A naturalist from Squam Lakes Natural Science Center will introduce you to three live animals native to New Hampshire, including a Peregrine Falcon. Hear the inspiring stories of three Earth Heroes whose work has helped to ensure the survival of these amazing native animals.
  • Aquatic Critters
    Water is essential for all life on our planet. Be an ecologist for a day as you learn about the habitats, adaptations and populations of animals supported by NH’s aquatic communities. Meet three live animals dependent on NH waters.
  • Owls of New Hampshire
    Who calls in the night? Who glides on shadowy wings in silent flight? Be an ornithologist for a day and meet three of our state’s mysterious owls and find out what is myth or fact about these nocturnal birds.
  • Coded Messages
    People communicate in many ways – a loud shout, a soft whimper, a wrinkled expression, laughter. Animals communicate in many ways, too. Be a biologist for a day and discover how and why wild animals communicate.
  • More outreach programs here.

Consider purchasing a Library Membership at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center this year and bring your patrons Nearer to Nature!

The Library Membership fee is $300. A Library Membership pass is valid for two $3 trail admissions, plus up to four additional discounted trail admissions ($10 each), every day from May 1 to November 1. Please join us today by completeing your library membership purchase below or if you would prefer, you may print and mail your library membership form.
*Note: Library Memberships are not appropriate for use by schools or other organized groups.

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