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Library Membership

Make natural science a part of your summer reading program with a Live Animal Outreach Program.

Introduce your readers to the world of ecology, ornithology, and biology! Consider purchasing a Library Membership to bring your patrons Nearer to Nature. The Library Membership fee is $300. A Library Membership pass is valid for two $5 trail admissions, plus up to four additional discounted trail admissions ($10 each), every day from May 1 to November 1.

*Note: Library Memberships are not appropriate for use by schools or other organized groups.
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Live Animal Outreach Programs

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center presents one-hour programs featuring live animals and led by our expert naturalists. Select from a variety of informative and inspiring programs.

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2018 Summer Reading Program:
Animal Sounds
Animal Sounds Outreach Program

Animals make sounds for a variety of reasons – to attract a mate, to defend their territory, to capture prey, or even to escape predators.

Join a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist and three live animals native to New Hampshire to hear their sounds and discover the reasons behind them.