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Library Membership

Make natural science a part of your summer reading program with a Natural Encounters live animal program. Introduce your readers to the world of ecology, ornithology, and biology! Some of our outreach programs are below or learn more about outreaches here:

  • 2017 Summer Reading Program: Animal Architects-Building Habitat
    We don’t typically think of animals when we think of architects and building, but many of our wild animal neighbors are habitat architects. A habitat is an animal’s home, the place it finds everything it needs to survive. Through shelter construction and other activities, many animals build habitat for themselves and other species too. The beaver is an expert habitat architect. By building a dam to create the pond it needs to survive, the beaver provides habitat for many plants and animals. Join a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist and three live wild animal architects to learn how they build habitat.
  • Aquatic Critters
    Water is essential for all life on our planet. Be an ecologist for a day as you learn about the habitats, adaptations and populations of animals supported by NH’s aquatic communities. Meet three live animals dependent on NH waters.
  • Owls of New Hampshire
    Who calls in the night? Who glides on shadowy wings in silent flight? Be an ornithologist for a day and meet three of our state’s mysterious owls and find out what is myth or fact about these nocturnal birds.
  • Coded Messages
    People communicate in many ways – a loud shout, a soft whimper, a wrinkled expression, laughter. Animals communicate in many ways, too. Be a biologist for a day and discover how and why wild animals communicate.
  • More outreach programs here.

Consider purchasing a Library Membership at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center this year and bring your patrons Nearer to Nature!

The Library Membership fee is $300. A Library Membership pass is valid for two $3 trail admissions, plus up to four additional discounted trail admissions ($10 each), every day from May 1 to November 1. Please join us today by completeing your library membership purchase below or if you would prefer, you may print and mail your library membership form.
*Note: Library Memberships are not appropriate for use by schools or other organized groups.

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