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Natural Encounters Outreach Programs

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center outreachLet us bring live animal programs to your site! Squam Lakes Natural Science Center offers one-hour live animal programs taught by our expert Naturalists. Select from a variety of informative and inspiring programs or we will be happy to customize a program for your interests.

"All of the students, no matter what the age (and believe me, I’m including all the adults that attended in this statement), were enthralled by all the animals and learned so much. …it was an extraordinary worthwhile experience, and quite simply, great!"

Animal Excavators
Dig into the world beneath your feet. Find out how soil provides a home for an amazing number of animals. During this program featuring three live animals, engaging visuals, and hands-on materials, you will learn the variety of ways that digging below the surface has its advantages for life underground.

Animals with Bad Reputations
The public image of some animals is often inaccurate and responsible for many negative attitudes. Join us to consider the good side of these creatures.

Aquatic Critters
Water is essential for all life on our planet. A tremendous variety of aquatic communities support an amazing array of animal life. Learn about the habitats, adaptations, and populations of three very different live animals that are all dependent on New Hampshire waters.

Coded Messages
People communicate in many ways - a loud shout, a soft whimper, a wrinkled expression, laughter. Animals communicate in many ways, too. Join us to learn about how and why wild animals communicate.

Creatures of the Night
You don't have to stay up late to get a closer look at elusive nocturnal creatures. Learn about their specific adaptations and what makes them well-suited for night life.

Earth Heroes
The Peregrine Falcon was once on the brink of extinction. These awe inspiring aerial hunters are once again soaring across New Hampshire’s skies thanks to the passion and dedication of people we like to call Earth Heroes. During this program, a naturalist from the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center will introduce you to three live animals native to NH, including a Peregrine Falcon, and share the inspiring stories of three Earth Heroes whose work has helped to ensure their survival.(2015 NH Summer Reading Program)

New Hampshire Wildlife
Curious about the critters that inhabit the Granite State? Meet some of the wildlife you could see on a hike and learn about the features that suit them for life in New Hampshire.

Owls of New Hampshire
Who calls in the night? Who glides on shadowy wings in silent flight? Meet some of our state's mysterious owls and find out what is myth or fact about these nocturnal birds.

Why Do Animals Do That?
Why do animals throw up when they're not sick? Why gnaw on wood if you don't eat it? We'll explore the answers to questions like these and find the benefits to the animals that actually practice these behaviors.

Wildlife in Motion
Animal movements are specialized for where you find them - fish swim, birds fly. Join us to learn about New Hampshire wildlife, where they live and how they move.

Program Rates
$325 - one program reserved
$300 - 2 to 6 programs reserved
$275 - 7 or more programs reserved
$200 - Camp Members
Plus travel fee based on IRS rate per mile round trip.

Non-profit Rates
$250 - one program reserved
$225 - 2 to 6 programs reserved
$200 - 7 or more programs reserved
$200 - Camp Members
Plus travel fee based on IRS rate per mile round trip.

To book your outreach program please contact Education Director Audrey Eisenhauer at 603-968-7194 x 14.

Please note: programs will not be scheduled for a start time later than 7:30 p.m. Programs are subject to staff availability.

To see programs available for schools, please use the links below.
Grades Pre-2
Grades 3-6
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12