Loons on Squam Lake

The Holderness Inn

Holderness InnThe present Holderness Inn was built in 1895 after the original (built in 1874) burned down. It provided food and lodging for hundreds of summer visitors until it was purchased by a citizen’s group in 1967 to become part of what is now Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. For the next 14 years, the Inn provided the Science Center’s first classrooms, offices, workshop, and animal care facility. When a new education facility was built, in 1982, the Inn was closed.

Today the downstairs floor of the Holderness Inn is open seasonally featuring the Squam Lakes Artisans “A Gallery of Regional Arts and Crafts,” which offers a general mix of pottery, jewelry, fabric art, photography, paintings, cards, wood products, stained glass, and basketry featuring natural themes. Kirkwood Cafe serves top quality beverages, snacks, and sandwiches.

Clean Up Day 1973 in front of the Holderness Inn