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Loons on Squam Lake

Project OspreyTrack: Adult Osprey Cell Tower Data Migration Map


Thanks to Movebank.org, we are now able to present data in an interactive format. The map below shows the current locations of eight adult male Ospreys fitted with the very latest GSM transmitters, which use cell tower triangulation to position the birds. The advantage of these transmitters is that they can record and send a great deal more data (points every couple minutes) so the information is a lot more detailed. The downside is that once they get south of Florida, we might lose contact with them for months until they find another cell tower. The map automatically updates itself as new data are received from the satellites. You can click on each colored line or dot to identify each bird, then zoom in to see habitat details along the birds' paths or use the calendar icon at the top of the map to select different dates. This map has data for DJ (orange), from Martha's Vineyard, Icarius (white) from Martha's Vineyard, Rammie (yellow) from Westport River, MA, Edwin (blue) from Fishers Island, Woody (red) from Chesapeake Bay, Nick (green) from Chesapeake Bay, Quin (pink) from Chesapeake Bay, and Tango (black) from Chesapeake Bay.