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Sponsor A Species

Do something wild.. Sponsor a Species!

BeaverThe animals at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center serve as ambassadors for their species, here for the purpose of teaching about New Hampshire’s natural world. The cost of caring for wildlife is considerable. All the animals need specialized diets, daily care, and creature comforts. You can help to provide food, health care, and housing for the animals - for your favorite feathered or furry species - through Sponsor A Species. You may sponsor a species for yourself, your family, or your company, school, or club. You can even send a sponsorship package as a gift. It's a unique way to learn about a particular species and help us to care for its live animals.

Step 1 - Select a level:

  • $50:
    Thank you letter and photo of animal
    Animal fact sheet
    Sponsor a Species certificate
    Subscription to quarterly Tracks & Trails newsletter
    Recognition on the Science Center’s website, in the Annual Report, and in the Trailhead Gallery
  • $100
    $50 sponsorship level PLUS
    Plush toy of sponsored species
  • $250
    $100 sponsorship level PLUS
    Stainless steel water bottle
  • $500
    $250 level PLUS
    Private interpretive trail walk for up to ten
  • $1,000
    $500 level PLUS
    Private animal program with your species for up to ten

Step 2 - Select A Species
A wild variety of animals available for sponsorship are listed on the form below. Select one species per level of sponsorship and you will be on your way to contributing to the care of all the animals at the Science Center.

Step 3 - Make a payment using the form below, or print and mail your Sponsor a Species form.

Is my sponsorship tax deductible?

Sponsor A Species donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your payment, less the fair market value (FMV) of goods and services received, is deductible for income tax purposes.

For gifts more than $50, a portion of your donation may not be tax deductible based on the fair market value of the premiums provided in return. See the chart below for details. Should you wish to have your donation be fully tax deductible, you may choose to waive receipt of the premiums.

The tax deductible amount will be provided on your thank you letter.

Sponsor Level

Deductible Amount

Post Card, Fact Sheet, Certificate FMV

Plush Toy FMV

Water Bottle FMV

Trail Walk FMV

Private Program FMV


























Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Our tax ID number is 02-0271824. Prices and fair market values are subject to change. Please consult a tax advisor with questions.

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Bald Eagle
Gail Belanger
Barbara and Wayne Harding
Rodman Ford Sales

Black Bear
Teana Hackenberg
Peter Markarian
R. Linn Peterson


Andrew Bellinger - Aflac
Chandra Hackenberg and Clari Oursler
In memory of Greg Smith from Ann and Rich Chalmers

Sage Ellen Bascomb-Fabian
Carol Diaz-Zubieta
In memory of John Hackenberg from Chris Hackenberg

Great Horned Owl
Ava Herring
Dom and Irene Marocco
Abigail J. Seal

Mountain Lion
Louise Carlisle
Emma Hackenberg

Red Fox
Kylie Chevrette
Kaplon Family
Tobias Post

River Otter
Luna Della Bascomb-Fabian
In honor of John and Tashia Morgridge from Max Lettenberger
Lily Ortiz and Kayliegh Murray
Bryant Tolles
Gary Tomlinson

Saw-Whet Owl
Cooke-Healey Family
Natalie Hackenberg
Linda and Bill Lee from Heike and Fred Bloom
Scott and Linda Littlejohn
Dom and Irene Marocco

Nola Aldrich
Craig Warga

For more information about Sponsor A Species please contact Development Officer
at 603-968-7194 x 31 or kim.bsmith@nhnature.org